Phoenix La Beaute: jelly belly + thunder thighs + bye bye arms ):

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I've had enough and I'm saying this again- I'm tired of feeling FAAAAAAT!

Dejavu. i was feeling this very same way 2.5 years back, looking over at my photos from my 21st birthday party and i was like.. what the s***, why am i so CHUBBY?! and thinking to myself "NAH-UH I'm freaking 21 and it's my PRIME!" I SHOULD do whatever to lose all this weight and look slim and feel good about myself man.

So i kinda did the unhealthy way and did a total yo-yo diet, I'd eat 1 grapefruit and have a soupy lunch with maybe half bowl of rice and nothing else for the rest of the day. No snacks, no soda, only water. Haha i would imagine any nutritionist looking at this would be shaking their heads big time now. BUT! I managed to lose about 12kg in about 3 months! Which to refresh your memories.. i looked like this:

No, I wasn't stick thin nor was i "OMG I HAVE THIGH GAP!" thin, but i was in a size/shape that i was very happy to be in! I DID get what i wanted, but in a very unhealthy way. I miss wearing the above dresses.. the kind that clings on your every curve.

Well that being a YO YO DIET, means YO YO WEIGHT LOSS too haha I managed to keep the weight off and maintained for maybe for a year or so, then errrrr.. Leon proposed and now after 2 years i have steadily gain back 10kg. TEN FREAKING KILOGRAMS silently crept back onto my body!

May i present to you.. +10 kilogram later:


Hahaha for one I'm big on denial and a queen of procrastination (on exercising + dieting of course) and my smelly fiance simply loves feeding me! It is soooo hard to resist his temptations! haha It's not like I'm prepping for our wedding already since it's still quite some time before the wedding, but i don't want to feel HUGE anymore!

So I was BEYOND RELIEVED when Phoenix La Beaute, a boutique salon located at Palais Renaissance (near Pan Pacific hotel), which specializes in sustainable skin health and weight management treatments, reached out to me and offered to create a slimming programme just for me to help me attain my ideal weight loss without the YO YO effect this time! :D

 Came for my 1st slimming treatment with nadnut because she's interested in firming up as she has lost a whole bunch of weight herself (ENVIOUS MUCH) the past year and to prep for her upcoming wedding in March!

We were served a nice cool glass of water and asked to fill out a form since it's both our 1st time here!

My 1st weigh-in!

Walkway to the treatment rooms

Since we were here for a treatment together, we took the "couple room" so we can chit chat hehe girls doing what girls do best! (the partition can be moved away if you wanna see your darling/friend or whoever you're there with during the treatment)

Left our belongings and shoes in the locker and personal shoe cabinet before we start the treatment.

There was a personal shower + body wrap room + m-Pulse machine + treatment beds for 2 right in the couple room.

so we both 1st went to change into our robe, I was doing the Phoenix Lipolysis Program which helps to breakdown stubborn fat around my jelly belly + thunder thighs! This 2 problem areas, always a huge issue for girls like me! Tsk tsk tsk.

So nadnut went to shower in preparation of her treatment (She's doing the Universal Contour Wrap, which guarantees a 6 inch or more loss for every wrap omg! I'm doing this treatment on my next visit, but for this visit, they must breakdown my stubborn faaaaat 1st!)

So while she showers, my therapist applied an ampuoules ( for fat burning / reduction of cellulite / reduction of water retention ) all over my problem areas!

Followed by this machine where the pads of the machine is strapped to my belly + thighs- this machine is damn power! It uses electrotherapy which stimulates the muscles to break down fats on the padded areas while using infrared and penetrating active ingredients (the ampoules) for fat burning purpose!

There's a call button so in case of anything i can call for the therapist immediately, feel very safe throughout the treatment! (:

I was asked to increase the intensity on my own (and of course they advised on the recommended maximum mode so i don't exceed the norm) when i feel like i can handle more, lol it's really damn power, i feel like i literally did like 2000 sit ups with my muscle twitching and tensing up for that whole 20 -30 minutes.

Then i was in the M-Pulse Sauna for 20 mins, to speed up my metabolism rate and blood circulation, it didn't feel uncomfortable for toooo hot as it's not the conventional water steam sauna and it reminds me of ganbanyoku, they provided me with magazines too so i wasn't bored at all the entire 20 mins i was in there since i couldn't bring my phone in, heh. Sweat sweat sweat more better! Apparently there are many other benefits for the M-Pulse machine as well such as reducing blood pressure etc.

lol it's quite funny too cos being in the M-Pulse it's like a very chill-out disco or something lol, there's music playing in there and the light will pulse is all sorts of pretty colors! heh

After M-Pulse i was given a sea salt body scrub and covered in the FIR thermal blanket to aid in the increases of metabolism (burn fat buuuuurn!), blood circulation and eventually weight loss while reducing water retention and free fatty acid through pores!

hahaha nadnut snapped a pic of me in the FIR thermal blanket, laugh while you can! LOL

Did a weigh-out and i left Phoenix La Beaute about 1kg lighter! 

I know it's definitely water weight but my therapist explained to me that after this treatment, i was encouraged to drink about 2-3 litres of water the next few days after treatments to continue the detox and cleansing process as the electrotherapy padded machine works to breakdown the huge fat molecule to small fatty molecules which will be flushed out of my body by drinking more water.

★ After the treatment: 

the next few days i was really good and i tried to drink as much water as i could manage and i felt that my jelly belly did become relatively flatter! In fact i had 2 church members + a girlfriend asking me if i lost weight especially around my waist area actually looks slimmer too!

It was really motivating and made me want to quickly go back to Phoenix La Beaute for my next treatment. hehe

My therapist also spent some time finding out how i usually take my meals + what does my meals usually consist of and advised me on making some small changes like taking lesser carbs during dinner time and let my lunch be the more filling meal and she also gave me a meal plan which was very easily achievable, basically not making too much change from my current diet as they believe in this method where it's easier to achieve ideal weight/inch loss goals and so no extreme and drastic changes so after losing weight it's not that easy for the weight to bounce back too! *thumbs up*

« Exclusive to TheLuckiestChick readers »

Phoenix La Beaute is offering a COMPLIMENTARY session of Phoenix Lipolysis Program
 (Usual Price $600) to my 1st 30 readers who calls in to make their appointment!

FYI, this is the first time they are offering complimentary sessions of the Phoenix Lipolysis Program because it's so pricey and it's only available here on my blog! 

So if you're staring at your jelly belly + thunder thighs + bye bye arms and you want to say bye bye to all 'em stubborn fats, take this opportunity at go for this complimentary session!

How do you redeem this complimentary session? 
Simply call 67334556 to make your appointment.
remember to quote “FIDELIS” to redeem your complimentary session of Phoenix Lipolysis Program!
Promotion only valid till 29th January 2014

T + C
First time customer age 21 and above
Resident in Singapore with valid NRIC or passes


Phoenix La Beaute
390 Orchard Road #03-01 Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871
Tel: +65 67334556

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday      11am – 9pm
Sunday and  PH         11am – 7pm 

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

What are you getting your friends and loved ones for Christmas? (:

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I'm sure you're all not new to my HUGE love for Purer Skin's Miracle Serum, this is one product that has truly brought me MIRACLES and great results for the past 5 months that I've been using it. You can read about the amazing tangible results that you can actually see HERE.

It's the season of giving and my home is starting to look very festive (LOL minion under my christmas tree!) and I've finally completed all my Christmas shopping + I was just starting to wrap all my hand picked gifts for my loved ones! 

If you have not done your Christmas Shopping yet or is looking for that one special present for that special someone, why not gift them the best gift anyone could receive.. FLAWLESS SKIN in a bottle? 

Why not get them a bottle of Purer Skin's Miracle Serum!

Purer Skin has introduced miniature bottles especially for this time of the year [5ml/10ml at a super affordable price] for you to gift your loved ones to start being addicted to Purer skin products, well just like myself! heh 

The miniature bottles makes it ppppppperfect for travel just as well so it’s perfect for people not only to try it out but also get it for travel especially if they are traveling to very cold countries at the time of the year so as to prevent skin from drying/peeling, Purer Skin Miracle Serum absorbs into the skin easily and deeply hydrates!

From now till 28 February 2014, you can purchase:

  • 5 ml Purer Skin Miracle Serum Traveler ($12.90 with $10 store credit at
  • 10 ml Purer Skin Miracle Serum Global Traveler ($22.90 with $20 store credit at
Purer Skin is offering a 30-Day Money-Back-Guarantee, no questions asked. 

The miniatures can be purchased at and if you are not completely satisfied you can return the miniatures to Purer Skin with the receipt and proof of purchase for a full refund – they will bear the full cost of the refund.

Seriously how cool is that? I don't think any gifts can get any better so SHOP AWAY!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

A perfect weekend with Shunji Matsuo!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's your favourite thing to do on a weekend?
Waking up, fully rested on a Saturday and knowing that the next 2 days is all to yourself and your loved ones?

I love making breakfast for myself and of course making my fiance a very happy man by waking up to a good breakfast - even if it's a simple affair, sunny side up, caramalized banana pancakes and grilled sausage! 

I wish he's around more on weekends so i'll get to do this more thou, he's away for both JJ Lin & Leehom's tour concurrently so he's really away ALOT this 2 months, away too much i'd say. ):

After our very filling breakfast we went to walk to dog (we attempted to leash ninja kitty to come along for a walk too) but look at this fatty! It's hilarious really! In no more torturous ok! it's not a choke leash but a harness leash and i think he (ninja) just love making us laugh and maintain his MEH! can't be bothered look. 

Everytime when i feel upset and i take a look at the photos of us forcing ninja to wear some ridiculous rilakkuma jacket or superman outfit i'd be so much happier after, hahahah who can resist laughing at his awkward and super embarassed expressions!

So after our perfect little start to a great weekend, Leon accompanied me to my hair appointment at...

at Holland Village! They have recently extented their invitation to be my hair sponsor with Isabel as my main stylist! Holland Village is pretty convinient since they are located right smack beside the MRT station exit, or beside Wendy's! (:

You can't tell from this picture but my roots were desssssperate for a touch up, haha i'm a very very very low hair maintainance kinda girl and i like to sit in a salon as little as possible, Isabel is really a perfect hair stylist for me because her haircuts always last so so so long and months later i still find it "style-able" and looking ok.

And considering just at the start of the year my hair was this short, and it's still wearing it straight and flat here:

And now, considering with the curls and all, it's really pretty long now!

Having a haircut that last really helps to grow it out faster cos i don't have to trim it as much!Looooove you Isabel! heh

Crazy colors anybody? I'd love have me some crazy hair color again but it's a pity my hair ends are sooooo dry haha i think if i bleach my ends again the ends will pretty much fall off!

Brought my "entertainment" box along, haha and this "hair model" who was erm standing(?) beside his seat look crazy alike with his elder sister, May who lives in australia!

He's also here as my feet cushion hehe
Yeah go ahead and laugh at my clingwrapped head


Tadah! The end results! I wanted a simple brunette look for easy maintainance, anyway my bleach ends from my ombre hair days are still there so whatever color i dye there will be the subtle ombre effect and it looks especially nicer when i curl my hair!

The hair dye + treatment really made my hair super shiny - which has been looking dull for quite awhile and i really like it~

Thanks Isabel love!

If you're interested in checking out some of what Isabel has done for her other clients, whether you're looking at doing crazy colors or natural day-to-day kinda hair looks she's able to create for you, you can see it over at her facebook page: ! (:

 Under the sun the hair color looks like this! Like a sweet milky brown and my ends are lighter with the ombre effect! Also i think i really love getting my hair done at Holland Village! Other than being pretty convinient, i can get my fill of mexican food or cheesecakes from NYDC, ice cream from Island Creamery and that yummy ramen place! Hahaha Holland Village is like a place full of happy thoughts- and yummy ones! heh

For TheLuckiestChick readers, if you're looking to get your hair done to look gooooorgeous for this festive season, there's a 10% off Chemical services when you quote "FIDELIS" at Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon, Holland Village!

Hair Salon @ H.V.
245A Holland Avenue,
Singapore 278978
Contact them at: 6762 6088
LIKE them on Facebook
and find them on instagram too! @shunjimatsuo

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Girly Bunkation at The Pod!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Nadnut, Jacelyn, Esther + myself were recently invited to try out a “Bunkation” at The Pod, a new boutique Capsule Hotel at Haji Lane! I wouldn't call it a hotel, hotel, but maybe more like hostel with the shared capsule accomodation and share amenities concept? (:

PS: If you're driving, park your car at The Concourse right opposite The Pod! It was a Saturday and i parked my car there overnight and i think it was only a $2 per entry parking fee.

I've never stayed in a hostel before while travelling, the closest i could think of is church youth camp where we were staying at the St Andrew's Village and it was really fun for me then making friends and all even though we had to share amenities such as showers etc which was quite bad because i'm usually one who takes my time to shower but knowing that there's probably a queue out there waiting to use the shower ahhh, i just hate to rush my shower aka relaxing time.

But i'd gotta say, staying at The Pod was actually quite a fun experience for me!

They really go all the way to provide concierge services like
complimentary laundry service etc, simple buffet breakfast, free flow of Nespresso coffee, high-speed Wi-Fi access and more. 

A complete set of amenities is provided to every guest, ensuring fuss free convenience at their fingertips.

This is how the PODs look like! This is the front entry queen type thou, we stayed in the single pod ones so we have one POD each!

Each pod is dressed with 300 cotton-thread count sateen cotton sheets and a fluffy duvet which was really comfy! *snuggle snuggle snuggle*
You can choose between two Single POD types with the front-entry PODs providing more privacy, or the side-entry PODs offering more locker space. Couples can opt for the bigger and roomier Queen Pod which accommodates up to two guests. 

Oh! For female travellers, there are also female-only PODs (which we stayed in) for added privacy!

Each POD comes equipped with:
  ›  Personal reading light
  ›  Fold-down table for laptop use or writing
  ›  Luxurious 300 thread-count sateen cotton sheets
  ›  A fluffy duvet
  ›  Hangers and a clothes rack
  ›  Personal power socket

After we were given a short tour around the place, we went to our pods to leave our overnight bag and we realized that Esther's pod is a couple "pods" away as they were experience high volume of guest then, was pretty disappointed since we actually confirmed our dates maybe 2-3weeks before the "bunkation" booo. ):

After we settled in, we headed out to the arab street area to walk about and to look for something to eat/drink!

Crepe cake for tea
 Mookata for dinner! Nom nom nom all the way 
Hair all up for mookata cos we're getting stinkkkkkkky! 

After mookata, took a short troll back to The Pod, showered and BAM! Bed time! Hahahah gawd we're a bunch of oldies aren't we?! Our previously staycation at Quincy at least we wemt clubbing after dinner and all! LOL

Mmmm comfy bed with my kindle! This is how the side entry pod looks from my view in the pod, cozy cozy cozy, there are these blinds that you can pull down and conceal your pod entirely so i felt that i had my own space and privacy and of course you can off your lights when you go to bed, switch is just by your foot and you can charge your gadgets right in the pod too so no worries on leaving it around and getting stolen by god knows who!

It's been 3 weeks since I've done this set of gellish manicure at Milly's and it's still looking flaaaaaawless like day 01! So adorbs or what my kitty~ Really loved the color combi!

Night night sleep tight world. Scaring you with my makeup-free face!

Lol on a sidenote i don't know if it's me or am i just overthinking it but since i had braces my chin seems to look even sharper when i smile! Hahaha


289 Beach Road Level 3
Singapore 199552
Contact: +65 6298 8505 

Woke up feeling mad hungry so we packed up our stuff, left our overnight baggies at the concierge and head over to Haji Lane, Piedra Negra for a quick brunch!

Carrying one of my favorite #KatieJudith crossbody bag that @feliciagyh @shirleymandy got for my birthday earlier this year!

Cuppa iced chcoco for me!

These crochet denim white shorts from Berska are my absolute favourite! So versitle and obviously since it's white it goes with anything and i can choose to dress it up or down however i like!

Mmmm Cajun prawns baguette. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

After bidding goodbye to the girls, went over to Far East Plaza Milly's to get my nail done! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole color combi and design!

Milly's. Nails, Hair/Lash Extensions
Outlets located at Far East Plaza + Bugis. 
Booking + Enquries: 8383 5395

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.